history and founding of SA

It was the aspiration of our founder, Mr. Saw Heng Lian, which gave life to SA in 1988. His story began when he started working in the glue industry. As he garnered experience along the way, he saw the potential of creating quality and innovative glue products for the wood-working industry and SA was born. With dedication to maximise the potential of innovative glue products, Mr. Saw decided to take the opportunity to grow exponentially in the stic-key business.

SA was established from a small enterprise into a fully developed corporation in the heart of the metropolitan. Through Mr. Saw’s integrity, credibility and leadership that has also been encompassed throughout the company, SA has grown to become a reliable glue supplier among the international wood-working industry.

Our distinct reputation among clients has been earned through our years of experience and knowledge in supplying glue via our vast global network. We also provide professional advice on glue products to meet the demands of clients from various wood-working industries. Our track record in wood-working adhesives has strengthened the confidence of our clients in us. We have successfully assisted many clients to achieve international standards for their products and in turn, meet their customers’ stringent requirements on quality, price factors and environmental issues through our continuous research for better resources and reliability.

These are among some of the distinguished achievements and indicators of maturity in our growth and capability throughout the years. Through our professionalism, we have also managed to build relationships with many accredited clients from the wood-working industries such as IKEA Manufacturing (Dalian) Co. Ltd, Pro-Concepts Co. Ltd (Vietnam), Kaiser Furniture (Vietnam) JSC., Poh Huat Furniture Ind. Vietnam JSC., Johnson Wood (Vietnam) JSC., Green River Wood & Lumber MFG Sdn. Bhd., Sanlim Furniture Co. Ltd, Zhucheng Singwood Furnishings Co. Ltd, Minh Duong TDI Co. Ltd and more.

SA has experienced tremendous growth over the years and proven our credibility in solving glue-related problems. Today, we are an IWAY audited and ISO 9001:2008 certified company that takes our clients seriously and responsibly. And thus, we are capable of giving only the best to them.