team of glumanist experts

Our team of Glumanists are the main assets of SA, always progressing ahead for the betterment of the company and clients. They are experienced, innovative, far-sighted and friendly... making it easy for them to deal with international clients from various backgrounds.

SA was established through the commitment and dedication of our team members who are highly appreciated by the company. Our team has been with us through thick and thin, standing together with us for the long-haul journey to achieve success.

We constantly strive for the betterment of our team to ensure client satisfaction which is our cornerstone of success. Our focus and dedication to clients is integral in our culture and team members are always driven towards meeting client expectations.

Get to know our team of Glumanist experts:


Mr Saw Heng Lian

Founder & Managing Director

As the Founder and Managing Director of SA Glumanist, Mr Saw Heng Lian oversees the decision making and direction of the company to achieve its vision and mission. He embodies the core values of integrity, credibility and commitment within the company.

Mr Saw worked in the glue industry from a young age and established SA Glumanist in 1988 from a small enterprise to become a fully developed corporation in partnership with various international clients today. He is a dedicated leader who has gone through many hardships in order to guide SA Glumanist to success. He also maintains a very hands-on approach in the company and takes an interest in all areas of SA Glumanist, especially focusing on the team that has been with him through thick and thin.

Mr Saw imparts integrity throughout his every action and he is a leader who believes in improvement as well as innovation for progress.

Ms Theresa Ong

Deputy Managing Director

Ms Theresa Ong joined SA Glumanist in 1992. She is the Deputy Managing Director and assists Mr Saw Heng Lian in his duties as well as oversees the daily operations of SA Glumanist.

Prior to joining SA Glumanist, Ms Theresa has worked in many different industries such as in retail marketing, an insurance firm and a property development company. She has garnered rich experiences in her previous roles and is well versed in various aspects of her duties including customer services, marketing, finance, business development, management and more.

Through her dedication, hard work, integrity and loyalty, Ms Theresa has come to be a trustworthy assistant to Mr Saw and a truly invaluable asset of the SA Glumanist team.


Mr Jimmy Kok

Senior Manager - Sales & Marketing

“Externally, positive testimonies and satisfaction from our clients are our biggest drivers moving forward. Internally, teamwork is the key to progress.”

Mr Jimmy Kok has been with SA Glumanist since 2003. He has contributed tremendous results together with his teammates to develop the sticky business. He is a friendly person, known by his teammates for his good humour and reliability. Mr Jimmy believes that the best customer service can be achieved when you sincerely care for your clients and their needs.

Mr Fu Wooi Cheat

Manager - Product Development (R&D) & Technical Service

“Having initiative brings momentum for the continuous progression of our firm.”

In 2002, Mr Fu joined the SA Glumanist team. He is a detailed, determined and creative person who continuously seeks innovation in new products and services offered, in order to develop better processes and sticky solutions for clients. He leads his team by encouraging them to share new ideas and collaborating for advancement.

Mr Foong Seong Wah

Manager - Operations / Quality Control

“Self-improvement is team improvement.”

Mr Foong joined the SA Glumanist team in 2015. He has always emphasised on improvement for himself, his teammates and the clients that he is working with. He maintains that his experience gained from SA Glumanist is invaluable and he is very grateful towards the SA team for constantly providing him with full support as he advances in various aspects of his career.

Ms Elsie Mok

Manager - Finance

“We are people who share positive attitude and values.”

Elsie Mok graduated with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, majoring in Finance from the University of Queensland, Southern Australia. She has more than 20 years of work experience in accounting and financial management. Joining SA in 2015, Ms Elsie manages the Finance team as their leader. She is a pleasant and down to earth team player who values good working relationships with both colleagues and clients. Ms Elsie believes that integrity and credibility are extremely important no matter what you do in life.

key people

Arulapar A/L Anthony

Transporter - Logistics

Glumanist Expert Team Member since 1990

“26 years working here and growing with the company have passed easily due to the amazing team that has formed such a comfortable working environment.”

Saveriayah A/L Anthony

Transporter - Logistics

Glumanist Expert Team Member since 1993

“A smile is the best customer service you can deliver!”

Veron Thon (段小姐)

Assistant Manager - Human Resources & Administration / Shipping

Glumanist Expert Team Member since 2002

“For all these years, I’m always happy with my colleagues and superiors. I always hope for the company to continue growing with the staff together.”

Jessie Wong

Senior Executive - Finance

Glumanist Expert Team Member since 1994

“The supportive environment of SA has helped me to grow my life.”

Lai Yin Theng

Senior Executive - Logistics / Purchasing

Glumanist Expert Team Member since 1995

“Quality planning and organisation creates quality consistency.”

Fun Swee Wah

Assistant Manager - Technical Service

Glumanist Expert Team Member since 2004

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.”

Mohd Zambri Bin Jamil

Supervisor - Warehouse

Glumanist Expert Team Member since 2000

“I’m proud to be part of the SA team that treats me like family.”

Vimala A/P Nagarajah

Officer - Logistics / Purchasing

Glumanist Expert Team Member since 2015

“My past job experiences will contribute well to this company while bonding with my supportive colleagues gives me freedom on the job.”


Executive - Shipping

Glumanist Expert Team Member since 2016

“My first time in an adhesive related firm and I look forward to garnering more experiences over the years to come.”

Michelle Leong

Executive - Finance

Glumanist Expert Team Member since 2015

“Working environment and colleagues go very well together as if we are all family. Guidance from seniors is abundant and most challenges are taken up by us as a team.”


Executive - Human Resources & Administration

Glumanist Expert Team Member since 2015

“Great teams come from the best people.”