international stic-key standards

Being in the industry for more than 25 years, SA has grown, improvised and gained vast experience and knowledge in supplying adhesive products. As a result, we always deliver what works best:

  • Our products are manufactured following a series of thorough research and analysis
  • We assure you of consistent high quality
  • We customise products to solve client problems and we promise integrity as well as reliability
  • All our glue solutions are formulated with years of experience and diligence

IKEA - IWAY Standard

“The IKEA Way on Purchasing Products, Materials and Services (IWAY) is the IKEA supplier Code of Conduct. It comprises the IKEA minimum requirements relating to the Environment and Social & Working Conditions (including child labour).”

Source: IWAY Standard General Section Ed.5.1, 2012, IKEA Services AB

We have integrated IWAY requirements into our quality management system and we are committed to meeting the requirements of these IWAY standards as follows:

Sustainable development

Relying on the skills and talents of employees and goodwill of our communities, we believe in operating safely and in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner.


We conduct our company strictly through legitimate dealings and marketing efforts, upholding high ethical standards that are free of corruption or bribery.

Anti-competitive practices

We respect the relationships we have built with customers and suppliers as well as their confidentiality and we will not acquire information regarding a competitor using disreputable means.

Environment, health and safety (EHS)

Environment, health and safety form an integral part of our business activities and our objective is to have no accidents or incidents by continually improving against realistically challenging annual targets.

ISO certified

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. ISO 9001:2008 is an internationally recognised certification of quality management systems standards to ensure continual improvement for our company. As such, we have been remarkably consistent in delivering quality products over the years, ensuring only the best in glue for you.

SA Glumanist has continuously fulfilled all requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 certification which focuses on providing consistent quality products and enhancing client satisfaction. Our quality management systems are applied across the various aspects of our company to provide sticky solutions that can quickly and efficiently solve client needs and requirements.

Quality for our clients is top priority to us and this encompasses not just our products, but includes our customer service and technical support as well. We have created and documented procedures that can affect our quality output and with these, our team is well trained to maintain quality practices at all times for continuous improvements throughout SA Glumanist.

industrial standards

With our years of expertise in the field, we are able to ensure that different formaldehyde emission and bonding requirements as desired by our clients can be achieved.

Fulfilling market and customer requirements, products supplied by SA conform to international standards such as the American Standard (ANSI/ASTM), the European Standard (EN) and the Japanese Standard (JAS).

All our adhesives comply to the following:

Formaldehyde Emission
Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS)F****/Super EO
California Air Resources Board (CARB)P2
European Standard, EN120E1
European Standard, EN717-2E1
Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS)Type I, Type II
European Standard, EN204D4, D3, D2
European Standard, EN314Class 3, Class 2, Class 1
British Standard, BS 1088WBP
American Standard, ANSI/HPVAType I, Type II