who are our clients?

Clients can be assured that we will attend to their needs fully and also provide reliable on-site technical assistance to them. Thus, we solve our clients’ stic-key problems the professional way, leaving you satisfied and worry free. You can always rely on SA for quality products and benefits including competitive prices, prompt delivery, value added services, professional technical support and quality consistency.

Through our professionalism, we have also managed to build relationships with many accredited clients from the wood-working industries such as:

Pro-Concepts Co. Ltd (Vietnam)

Pro-Concepts Co. Ltd (Vietnam) is situated in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam and was founded in 2003. This organisation currently has 900 workers and mainly supplies parts that require veneer lamination to furniture manufacturers all over Vietnam. Presently, they are the biggest veneer laminating supplier in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam.

SA Glumanist has a very efficient and well trained customer support team that are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Overall, we want to say they have done a tremendous job as our supplier and stic-key advisor.

We are truly proud to work together with them and have them as our glue partner. We know we can always rely on them to support us with quality products and services. We thank them very much for this support at all times.

Kaiser Furniture (Vietnam) JSC.

Kaiser Furniture Co. (Vietnam) Joint Stock Company is located in Binh Duong Province and was founded in 2004. The company currently has 5,000 workers and focuses on manufacturing American bedroom furniture. Other lines of production include dining room furniture, tables, wall units and home office furniture to the U.S. With a space totalling 300,000 square meters of premises, it targets a monthly export volume of 600-1000 containers.

Kaiser Furniture (Vietnam) Joint Stock Company is proud to work hand in hand with SA Glumanist as our adhesives and glue partner all these years. Since the beginning of our relationship, SA Glumanist has proven their capability to support us in our large scale factory and monthly output.

We are always confident of their products supply and the adhesives provided by them are of the highest standards for quality output. They also maintain fair and honest dealings all the time. We are very glad to have them as an established partner of the Kaiser Furniture brand.

Poh Huat Furniture Ind. Vietnam JSC.

Poh Huat Furniture Ind. Vietnam JSC. is situated in Binh Duong Province. They also have 1 more factory in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam. Currently, Poh Huat Group has a combined workforce of 3,700 workers and manufactures mainly bedroom sets and dining sets for the U.S. market.

Poh Huat Group has enjoyed 30 years of manufacturing excellence in South East Asia, being part of Poh Huat Resources Holdings Berhad which has been listed on the Malaysian Bursa Stock Exchange since 2000. The vision of the company is to be the preferred furniture manufacturer among global furniture players.

Poh Huat Furniture is honoured to write this testimonial for SA Glumanist. Our companies have seen each other grow over the years. As we are both Malaysian companies seeking to establish ourselves and our brands in the international market, we share a bond going through similar struggles and successes.

SA Glumanist has stood by our side in a very good relationship and we have also developed a friendship as we strive among global players. We are especially thankful and grateful to them for being reliable and having a close knitted team that can provide us with the best sticky product solutions and top notch services as well as technical support.

We wish them all the best in their future undertakings.

Johnson Wood (Vietnam) JSC.

Johnson Wood (Vietnam) JSC. is situated in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam and was founded in 2003. This organisation currently has 3,000 workers and manufactures various wood products mainly bedroom sets, dining sets and children’s furniture. Presently, Johnson Wood’s main export market is to the U.S.

The company has a high speed processing line with a vision to become the largest supplier of furniture in South East Asia. It has 130,000 square meters of premises with many amenities including hostels for its workers on its factory grounds.

Our customers maintain a high standard in their furniture offerings and so do we as their main furniture producer. Having SA Glumanist’s support by always providing high quality glue that complies to international standards is very important to us. With their high standard glues, we are able to produce furniture that complies to international standards for our international customers.

Green River Wood & Lumber MFG Sdn. Bhd.

Established for over twenty years, the Green River Wood Group of Companies attributes their achievements to a strong management team and effective business strategies. They believe in manufacturing products that fulfil customer requirements and satisfaction through stringent quality practices and excellent customer service.

The Green River Wood Group of Companies currently operate in Malaysia, China and Vietnam with a mission to position themselves as an ethnically-diverse organisation to design, manufacture and market a range of products that reflect a broad spectrum of design and craftsmanship with high quality and customer satisfaction.

We appreciate the friendly services provided by the team of SA Glumanist. In addition to their quality products, they have a quality team with superb after sales and technical support. Customer satisfaction is important to our company and we find that SA Glumanist helps us to deliver our best products not just with their quality glue adhesives but also being patient to help us when we are in need. We are really happy with SA Glumanist services and we will continue to partner with them for the long run. Thank you, SA!

Zhucheng Singwood Furnishings Co. Ltd

Founded in 2005 and situated in Zhucheng, China, the company manufactures corporate office furniture and home furniture. Its main products include armchairs, seat shells and SW chairs.

Zhucheng Singwood Furnishings Co. Ltd currently has 600 workers and also 60,000 square meters of factory premises with various facilities.

We really appreciate the products of high quality and the technical services provided by SA Glumanist to us. The SA Glumanist brand is always synonymous with high standards and good value competitive pricing.

The integrity maintained by the company is also highly commendable. We are happy to have SA Glumanist as a partner with us.